The scarf is a modern supplement which not only protects you in the cold days but also serves as a fashionable accessory to complement our style. What if there are too many scarves? Now comes the question of where to keep and how to arrange them? Improper storage of scarves can damage them and make a problem. When we want to find the scarf we need, we cannot find it, we are making a mess and then we will need to tidy up the mess. Waste of time. Proper DIY Scarf Organizer is really simple for making. First you need to do is to share scarves by seasons. Those scarves that do not wear, you can put in the closet, and those who you wear should be at your reach. You can put a peg on the wall, that way you can decorate the wall. Or to put them in the closet and every scarf in sections separately. You can use the hangers for the wardrobe as well as to organize scarves.

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