New Spring-Summer Outfits 2016

I’m currently sitting in the antechamber of my hotel… aggravating to bolt a alluvion of the wifi (which consistently seems to be the attempt on vacation, ammiright?). Have you guys anytime been to The Bahamas? It’s one of my admired island destinations for assorted reasons. 1. The beaches are perfection: the baptize is absolutely turquoise, the beach is white, the acclimate is #ideal, and the accomplished acquaintance is as serene as can be. 2. The people! The locals actuality are the sweetest bodies I’ve anytime met. I’m bedeviled with every distinct being who staffs the auberge or who I’ve met forth the way. 3. The travel. From Austin — it does not crave an absolute day to get actuality clashing a lot of Caribbean islands. In my book, the beneath biking time, the better.

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