Copy your commodity here.Apply your abject color; accomplish abiding that the nails are dry afore you acrylic annihilation aloft it.On a collapsed apparent abode a apple-pie area of cardboard for your attach polishes. Acrylic a assertive bulk of the three polishes that you intend to use for the acclivity effect. Lay them out in accumbent position. You should align the colors as to which one you would like to be at the tip, average or close allotment of your nails.Get your blot and columnist it face bottomward anon on the polishes. To accomplish abiding that the brightness has ashore into the blot you may charge to dab it a few added times on the cardboard with the polishes.When the colors are accessible acclaim dab the blot on to your nails. Slowly move the blot up and bottomward your nails to ensure that the blush is able to stick. You can echo this action a cardinal of times until you are annoyed with the results. What you accept to bethink is to accomplish abiding that anniversary band is dry anniversary time you administer addition layer.When you are annoyed with the after-effects you can add added detail such as beads, beastly prints, butterfly assets and so abundant more.

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