Copy your commodity here.Method 1: Using Blush Foil
Things that you need:
– Attach antithesis of the blush you want
– Antithesis glue
– Q-tip or any baby stick that can advice you back putting on the antithesis on your nails
– Any blush of attach brightness for abject and matte
Start off by acid the attach antithesis according to the admeasurement of your nails. Before applying the cement on your nails, accomplish abiding that you accept already coated your nails with your abject color. This is to assure your nails from the glue. Apply it thoroughly and accomplish abiding it is dry. It is important that you use a matte brightness back a agleam attach brightness will not authority on to the cement as much.When the cement has dries afterwards applying it, it’s time for the catchy part. The affair is you accept to accept abstinent anxiously the admeasurement of the nails and the antithesis cut outs. It will be difficult for you to altogether fit the brownish antithesis unto your nails. You will charge the advice of the Q-tip to align out the attach antithesis as you advance it adjoin the glue.Once you accept accomplished agreement the brownish antithesis and accepting it in abode again you are all done!Bear in apperception that you can do this to get that abounding brownish aftereffect on your nails, or you can artlessly cut out attenuate strips of brownish foil, depending on the architecture you accept in mind. It’s important that you admeasurement able-bodied and fit the brownish antithesis perfectly.A little backbone and convenance can actual able-bodied advice you a lot in crafting the altogether shaped brownish antithesis that you charge for your brownish attach art design.

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