South African Zulu Traditional Wear For Women

Women in various stages of their lives wearing different clothes. They get earlier and as they get married, the added they awning their bodies. An bachelor babe (intombi) wearing only a short skirt made of grass or affection cord beads. She wore nothing on top without its size, small or large, heavy breasts. Zulu tribe does not contribute any sexual meaning breasts naked, but rather to back up her thighs. She spruces himself with beadwork. They also keep their hair short. When a young woman has been selected or is involved. Women in Africa is often used Zulu traditional wear.

African Zulu Traditional Wear

African Zulu Traditional Wear

South African Zulu Traditional Wear

She lets her hair grow and cover her breasts with the decorative cloth as a mark of respect to the family of the future. It also indicates to the public that he has been talking to. Married women cover their bodies completely. It which signals that she is off limits. She wears the heavy knee-length cowhide skirt. The hide is treated until it is relatively soft. Then the leather is cut into long strips and also sewn together.

Upskirts, fabric is graced with dominating the red, white and black also wear or draped. Beads are also worn over this. Married women cover their breasts with either material or skin. It although nowadays they tend to wear vests or beaded bras. When the woman is pregnant, she wears the isibamba.

Married women wear hats or izicolo. Traditionally they were made of grass, and also more often than not intertwined with red or white cotton thread. The size and also shape of the hats differs from clan to clan. But a largest are found in the hot valleys of the Tugela River. Here they measure up to the meter in diameter as protection from the sun. They were traditionally sewn into the hair. A bride’s hair would be straightened, herbs would be applied.