Accurate color during cosmetic

There’s a wide range in the beauty industry especially in cosmetics to consider in improving the appearance of the person.

One of these things is the knowledge and understanding of the use in cosmetic color because few women who have this skill.

In this article, I will describe how to combine and distinguish the colors of cosmetics, the aim is to improve your appearance.

Mixing the colors of cosmetics is very important because in the paint, you paint all cosmetic Opaka conformity supposed to bring about equal visibility and comprehensive.

First and foremost you have to be careful in cosmetic colors harmonize with the color of your skin, so in this you have to have special skills that you may not make a mistake and destroy your appearance.

Also we have to act Tie aware that you may not make cosmetics other cosmetics behave in your face.

How to harmonize and distinguish colors
Your cosmetics should always conform to your clothing to make more sense, for example, often pale mouth ‘lipstick’ corresponds with your robe when shedo ‘eye shadow’ vary.

For pink clothes
In this dress, you should paint the mouth with pale pink that will correspond according to your dress while you mix and shedo ‘eyeshadow’, can be colored blue to distinguish it from your clothing, there will be similar to the principles of beauty.

Garment green
in this costume you should paint the mouth with brown while you mix and shedo greenish or brown iliyoingiliana and pink or orange.

In the garb of yellow or brown
In this garment is to be wiping ‘lipstick’ dark brown, with regard to shedo can wiping the color of gold.

In the garb of blue
In this garment is to be wiping ‘lipstick’ colored pink cat while shedo blue in this fashion will always be attractive.