African Fashion Wear And Cloths Latest

We are sure this collection definitely has the White House� seal of approval! Presenting the latest collection from Nigerian designer Amaka Osakwe�s fashion label � Maki Oh.

The collection�s back story is filled familiar grounds for Maki Oh with a focus on the original meaning of the word �virgin� � �a woman who had left her parents� home, was betrothed, & could take any lover he pleased�.

The collection, which he’s described as her â��most seriousâ��, shows Amakaâ��s focus on feminism using her signature aesthetics to tell the story of the woman who is free spirited to make her decisions. The collectionâ��s pieces are filled with layers of patterned sheer fabrics, coated glitter skirts, tapered short dresses, rich cottons & dense mesh.