Naak MusiQ calls on Twitter to stop circulating something that is not true, but as for Twitter, they continue to be positive that they are engaged. He shared on Twitter that she did not say anything about it. She did not make any announcements, and it is none of your business to be honest. She bought that ring with her own money. Where she puts it is her choice. Stay in your lane.

From the statement made by Naak MusiQ, it is clear that he did not make any engagement to marriage and it has been longer since she wanted the ring. She was not having it and now she is happy. But even though she has just put it on her finger because she loves it, that finger is not for putting a ring on for nothing.

Even though he is now focusing on preparing himself better for the boxing match he arranged with Cassper Nyovest, he finds himself destructed to handle something that has not happened. Even though he is seen with her, he is not against both of them dating.

Twitter is all the time on social network trying to find something that has not yet been revealed in the media. The most of the time is always finding the truth, but this time is not in its favour. But even though he said no to the allegation, it will be proven if it has happened, which it has not yet. They are keeping it private at the moment.

Another good way of keeping something trending for the wrong reasons is by not sharing something that will make them believe it is how they see it. It is simply not sharing such private matters, and in that way, you will not be revealed to the media that weighs in all the time.

Maybe she sent a signal message to the gentleman that he should make it happen, but it may be bad that it is now circulating. Even though the lady she is not into social media, with the video clip, she finds herself doing something great, or maybe not at the right moment.

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